Post-2 August 20th: RNC a GoGo

Right now, I’m sitting at a desk between two folks who are also working on covering the RNC. It’s a little humorous(shouldertoshoulder) and I wish I could share a pic, but can’t imagine anyone getting up to take one anytime soon.

These past few days I’ve been sending e-mails to as many folks as possible. I realize that I’m just organizing, or trying to organize a journalistic undertaking, and folks seem excited about coming along.

My goal is to create an interactive form of journalism where the streamer is intaking content, and producing a solid primary source for material.

The folks I’m contacting will be working together on a collaborative pad taking notes on what’s happening, time stamping events they see in my stream, and creating articles about what’s going on around the RNC in near real-time.

There will also be a group of folks who are watching the stream, and accessing my content and cutting it down to a more digestible format. Again, hopefully creating clean produced content using my stream as a primary source.

The exciting developments, are, well, interest, there are a lot of folks who are excited about jumping on board and helping this experiment, and model of content curtailing using streams as a primary source..

Also, someone is lending me a better streaming phone, which will up the quality of my stream. Which will allow the video’s that are cut to look cleaner.


I really want to push viewers to join in as well, and work together to take notes on what they’re seeing. While I’m organizing folks who want to help, I really hope that this sort of activity can be crowd sourced. Viewers and chatters giving an opportunity to engage with the stream in different ways, and actively trying to open space for viewers and chatters to engage in various ways.

I assume it’s always about building a model and then showing it to folks in hopes of improvement.

In the end, I envision this as a giant team undertaking. While I’ll be on the ground streaming as much as possible. It’ll be the folks who are working with the content and creating polished articles and vids off it that will be doing much of the work. I’ll just be running about capturing everything I can.


Alright, I need to go work on  my first vid.


All love,


Lorenzo Serna


PS: plane leaves tomorrow at 7am. I’ll be doing a live update, before i go. I’m a little worried about sleep. I usually get really nervous before a flight. I always assume I’ll miss it, so I’m sure I’lltry to get to the airport around 5am. Which will cause me to sleep less, and I’ll stay up worried my alarm wont’ go off. The usual. Regardless I’ll be in Tampa Bay, around this time, tomorrow.





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