RNC 8-22-2012 my day 3 on da road to the RNC

Hey all, so I’m just doing a quick update on where I’m at. I spent most of yesterday getting a feel of Romneyville. Romenyville being the encampment i’m staying at here in Tampa Bay. It’s a camp organized by The Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign.  (economichumanrights.org)  The camp’s pretty nice, everyone seems glad to be here. It reminds me a little of Liberty Park in NYC. I guess all camps probably will from now on.

I did get a little flack from a person who was helping in the camp asking me to not photograph them. I explained that I would try not to, out of courtesy. Regardless, camped next to a kitchen and getting free meals, though they’re trying to get some support to get more food to the encampment, but are unsure how to proceed on that front.

We also just got a Police helicopter hovering over the encampment. It showed up at 8:31 am and is hovering over the camp.  (whatever)(8:54am police gone) Some folks said they were told it was a traffic helicopter, but it was interesting that it wasn’t over the interstate, but over us, then moved towards the other camp.

Today I plan on getting out to cover a story that broke last night. (http://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/crime/police-recover-bricks-pipe-from-tampa-rooftop/1246953) I’m just curious if the building was built of brick. Since, they found bricks ontop of it, bricks and one pipe. The story reminds me of one that happened in 2008 RNC about hidden (anarchist) supplies at construction sites. These supplies looking much like construction supplies.

Regardless these stories will continue to increase, and so will the good v bad protester story line. I really want to show how these stories build an environment of fear. This environment then allows the police to get away with subduing peoples rights. They have no choice but to corral you, and force you down giant fenced areas, they do this for your safety, because somewhere, someone, has hidden bricks and a pipe–on a building no where near the convention.

Good times,

all love,


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