RNC ticks into the future August252012

I feel like I missed a day on this blog, but I haven’ slept yet. I’ll just treat it like a birthday! Where it doesn’t end till you sleep. You know?

It was a good day. Started hot and unbearable, but good nonetheless. I went to a local coffee shop and just worked on the computer and enjoyed some coffee. I didn’t plan on streaming much else but my morning update, and just whatever came along. Sent some e-mails and worked with the folks online on our project.

I love projects. The end. I feel like I should just say, the end. 🙂 but just working with some folks online to cover and event has been really fulfilling, challenging and exciting.

So, I”m doing well. If a little tired and constantly dehydrated.

The highlights of the day were just being. I really enjoyed walking through Romenyville, with it’s weird woodchip parking lot connected to it’s fenced in tent space. People just floating around and being. It’s nice you know. Maybe not nice in that air-conditioned loft, or whatever, but nice in that just being alive amongst folks who all seem to be here for the same reason.

I’ve been enjoying floating around and asking why folks are here to protest the RNC, and most just say because they’re.

They didn’t see why not, and they’re going to march.

Even while the police threaten mass arrests and swoop around the encampment in their helicopters 24/7. They’re gonna march, and at times it doesn’t even seem to be what moves the camp. It just seems like people are sharing food and being. Just being, and something about that is more powerful than any march I’ve ever covered.

The folks come from everywhere, all walks of life and in these moments living together seem to understand that they can support each other with the absolute little they have.

Thanks for letting me see it.

Spent the night streaming a radio show with this guy Diamond Dave. He’s 75 years old, living in a bus and, “Feeding the people, it’s what we do, we feed the people.” And the kiddie village rainbow bus does just that. Every morning, cooking whatever food they have and giving it to anyone who comes along, not just the camp.

Ended the night at an open mic. It was at this little place called, “The Silver Meteor Gallery.” Just some guy turning a house into an open space. He said he doesn’t make any money, but he’s been there for over 15 years.

Diamond Dave, this guy who beatboxes who goes by Black Zeppelin and a guitarist whose name slips my mind played together. 3 folks who never met created what they did, and it times it was really good, and at other times it just didn’t matter. People had fun.

I thought, simply, here I am in Tampa Bay Florida, at an open mic put together by a homeless camp listening to strangers make music together.

Not a bad day,


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