RNC Sprodic updates, constant rain, and showers in nature.

Hey all, 


Still working on the online project, but the goings slow. I’m not too worried about it. I think I just need to open up space for others peoples voices. Sometimes I feel like I’m just ramming out e-mails in the  space between being on the street. Regardless a lot of time to troubleshoot and play, until we figure out what works. I’m not that worried. 

Today, or yesterday August 26th was the first day of marches for the RNC. I expected an all day stream-a-thon You know, Live! till I can’t sort of stuff. Sadly, I suffered a billion issues with my hotspot, and ustream. I finally gave up and started tweeting pictures to cover the events as best I can. 

I probably could have done a better job, but got caught up in the different feel of it all. I come out of Occupy Wall Street where actions and marches were based around banks and corporations. The actions ranged from LGBT issues, environmental issues, housing issues and so on and so forth, but what underlay them all was the collusion of corporation and state. The thread ran through the actions…

Here it’s mostly against the GOP. It’s been an interesting transition and one I’m thinking about as I cover the events.


Started out wandering the city to some marches that ended up at the freedom of speech zone. This zone consists of double fences, and a giant space that didn’t give you the true reality of being caged in. One entrance, on exit and folks rallied and chanted and stuck their signs to the fences before taking off to St. Petersburg.


Had a fun ride on the way there as our vehicle threw a belt and we ended up marooned in a BP. I dealt with it how I usually deal with stressful events. I ate some crappy food while we troubleshot. 

The solution? Vermin Supreme and his partner appeared and carted us the rest of the way. The ride was pleasant, crossed the bay and I enjoyed the general feel of these two people being so casual with us, and each other. It’s nice, always nice, to see how two people’s relationship play out in a car ride.

I have to say, they’re fucking pleasant. 


I have to cut it short. I’m exhausted and have to get some sleep. Expecting a long day of coverage tomorrow, but it should be exciting. 


The organizers said that no storm would hold them back. So, let’s see how the rain and wind treat this visitor.




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