Thank You

Thank you to everyone who supported this project. I’ve not only received cash donations, but have been extremely supported with in-kind donations.

Thank you for the shinguards and helmet that will help protect me from batons/falls and police projectiles.

Thank you for the ipod to allow me to stream.(and based on the 4s keep in communcations with folks online)

Thank you for the iphone4s which will allow my streams to be a higher quality.

Thank you for the camelback that was liberated from the waste stream.

Thank you for the boots given to me during #ows that keep me moving.

Thank you for the goggles that will help my protect my eyes from Police Pepperspray and CS gas.

Thank you for the countless hours of conversations about the world we live in, and the dreams you all have shared with me on the how the world could be

Thank you for the believing in this project. When I’m on the street, it’ll not only be me, but I’ll be bringing a piece of everyone of you with me.

Thank you,

Lorenzo Serna


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